Tuesday, February 19, 2019

River Safe Day

River Safe Day
On Monday 15th of February, Room 5 went to a River Safe Day held at the Peninsula Bridge with Whenua Iti. We all had lots of fun and enjoyed it heaps. We learnt loads of safety skills, like how to enter the river safely, how to identify strainers and eddies, even how to float down rapids!

We did three cool activities, which were; kayaking, raft building and river skills.

Thank you to Lucy, Jud, Greg, Elizabeth and Craig (parent helpers), but special thanks to Whenua Iti, the ones who made it all happen: Jonny, Gilby and Ben (awesome instructors!)
By Ada.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Homework 11th June, 2018

Hi Room 5,

Into week 7 already!

1. Problem solving attempt at least one of the problems by Friday, ready for marking.

2. Review your spelling words (in your spelling notebook) as you will be tested on Friday.

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Summer Tournament

                                  Motueka Summer Tournament

On Monday the 9th April, Room 5 went to the Inter-Schools Summer Sports Tournament. The sports we played were ultimate frisbee, touch rugby and volleyball. 

We got there in the school minivan (that is our brand new school vehicle).  Mrs Turner our principal came along to make sure everyone was doing the right sport and we were using our RIVER values. 

We went there to play sport, have lots of fun with our friends and interact with lots of other schools.  The year 8s' also got to meet some of the other year 8 students that they might be going to high school with next year.

We would like to say thanks to Mrs Turner, Mr Hepburn and Tasman School for organising the day, we all really enjoyed the day!

By Caleb

Volvo Have A Go Sailing

Volvo: Have a Go - Sailing on PhotoPeach

Motueka Kai Festival

On Sunday April the 8th, Motueka hosted the annual Kai Festival. It is a big festival of food and a celebration of all the earths elements.  We paraded through Motueka as water and  
the other schools paraded through as Fire, Earth and Air.

There were people on stilts and a band who were making a cool beat, we were lucky because we were behind them.  In our parade we had the Ngatimoti  School banner, a Taniwha and a whole lot of different costumes reflecting water.

It was fun to be involved.  We enjoyed watching the stage shows and walking around the Kai Festival stalls which all had lots of delicious kai.

By Jacob

Anzac Day

It was early on one cold and almost frosty morning that I got into my uniform as I got ready to go and participate in the Motueka Anzac Dawn Service.

The Dawn Service is held every year on the 25th of April to remember those fallen soldiers and those who survived but face mental challenges every day.  Many people participated in the parade including Scouts, Army Cadets, a Pipe Band, Police, St John Cadets and many veterans.

The head students of Motueka High School (Jan and Ella) shared an amazing speech about the mental disorder PTSD* or more commonly known as shell shock.  PTSD can effect those who survived the war but are paranoid and/or worried about loud noises that create flash backs. This makes life very hard when you are paranoid, as they may think some German soldier will ambush them in their sleep. 
 *PTSD Stands for: Post traumatic stress disorder.

I am pleased I attended to pay my respect.

By Samantha
Image result for dawn parade motueka anzac
Pipe bands
Image result for dawn parade motueka anzac
Soldiers and veterans
Image result for dawn parade motueka anzac
Motueka War Memorial


Black... what is black?

All your worst nightmares come to life, beware of the darkness as it will stir, if you do become too pure.

Black misunderstood and deep, the root of all horror movies as it is fear.

The clown who stalks you in your not so happy dreams.  

Guns and knives at the brink of death.

Black the last color you see before your eyes shut forever.  

Not as bad as it seems but definitely a sight to see...

By Jazz

Room5's Colour Poems
To make these poems, first we chose a colour and brought things in from home that we could help decorate them.
We then wrote the poems in our draft books and later published them onto a computer.
Next, we made a collage out of the things we brought in from home and found at school.
We enjoyed making them and hope you enjoy reading them, here are a few.

by Tasmin


Who knew that ½ a cup of cornflour and ¼ a cup of water could be so much fun? 

Last Friday, Room 5 and the Indigo Room made Oobleck. You are probably sitting there thinking “Oobleck!? What!? Is the author alright?” But yes, I’m fine.  Oobleck is a strange substance. When pressure is applied, the oobleck becomes stiff, but when the pressure is released the oobleck becomes a liquid so you can pour it. 

The purpose of this was to design and make a ‘spacecraft’ that can land on a sea of oobleck. 

I had heaps of fun and we are very lucky that we can do stuff like this at school. 

By Tui G, Room 5.  


Monday, December 11, 2017

Merry Christmas

Secret Santa

This December as a treat leading up to Christmas, Room 5 are doing secret Santa. We randomly picked someones name out of a box, to whom we would give a gift to them at the end of school.
You could also be creative and give them a present of which you have made.

Christmas Tree

This December Room 5 got a big Pine tree for Christmas. We spent about half an hour decorating it. It look's amazing! Under our tree we have our secret Santa gifts that we will open at the end of the year. Merry Christmas!
Image result for present

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tech Decks


                                            Well now you can!
Tech Decks or Fingerboards are a safe way of skateboarding without the risk of injury.
(In order to ride your board, you use your index and middle finger to do tricks and steer.)

Tech Decks (a popular Fingerboard company) sell skateparks and decks. Some of their products are rare and give you good return. Say you buy two decks for $10, they may be resellable for $30! That gives you $20 profit.

I think that Tech Decks ( or Fingerboards) have a bright future, as long as skateboards remain cool!

By Ollie and Jamie.C

This is mine                                                                                                      Jamie's

Monday, September 18, 2017

Home Learning: 18th September, 2017

Hi Room 5,

We have our Ki O Rahi Tournament this Friday, so don't forget to return your permission slips and help with transport forms please.

1.  Spelling review your words each night as you will be tested on Friday.
2.  Attempt at least one of the problem solving challenges by Friday.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Monday, September 11, 2017

Buddy Reading with Room 1

Room 5 has been buddy reading with Room 1 in the library this term.

We usually read with them on a Friday. We start by getting our  little buddy to read one of their books from their book bags to us. Next we let the little buddy pick out a book from the library for the big buddy to read to them.

I think it is a great to be able to get to know some of the little kids and to help them with their reading.

By Wolfgang

Relating To Others


                                     Relating To Others

Relating to others is about interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of situations.
Relating to others also can mean relating with others and linking there ideas together e.g John and Dave were reading a book, John said "he loved the book because of the rugby that was in it." Dave also liked rugby, so then Dave RELATED to John about the story they had just read. This is a clear example of relating with others.

Relating to others can also help with learning maths, reading and writing because if you can relate/work with others to understand and complete work it is beneficial to all involved. 
Image result for relating to others
This is what relating to others looks like.

Netball Tournament

 Netball Tournament

Every Saturday for the last 15 weeks the Ngatimoti Senior Netball Team (the Ngatimoti Diamonds) have been playing netball in the Motueka Area Competition.  
We won a second trophy on Saturday for the least points scored against us.
Our Team Players:

  1. Ari y8
  2. Lili y8
  3. Naomi y8
  4. Nina y8
  5. Jasmine y7
  6. Tasmin y7
  7. Samantha y7
  8. Tui y7
  9. Isis y7
  10. Mikayla y7
  11. Inca y7
We won most of our games: in fact we only lost two games during the whole season! We had 'HEAPS' of fun and we all look forward to playing netball again next year! 

Lost: Our Awesome School Band

On the 11th August 2017, the Ngatimoti School band (Lost) performed in the Nelson Rockshop Band-Quest held in the Theatre Royal.

We had a great night performing on stage in front of so many people!  It was scary but also very exciting at the same time.

Ashleigh on the night was voted best 'Rock-Solid Bassist' and Naomi was awarded the best 'Keyboardist'.

There were 7 bands at the performance, and some of them were very good.
We had sound testings from 3-5pm and performances from 7-9 o'clock.

The two songs we played were Nature and Lucy in the
Sky with Diamonds.

A big thanks to Glen for the awesome night!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Ngatimoti Diamonds win a trophy!!

On the 26 August 2017, the Ngatimoti Diamonds played the Parklands B Team.
The final score was 26-2 to the Ngatimoti Diamonds.
The Ngatimoti Diamonds will be bringing home 1 trophy. This trophy is for the most points earned throughout the season.
This coming weekend the Ngatimoti Diamonds are playing the UMO Fireworks for another trophy. This trophy is for the top team playing in the B grade in the area this season.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mini ball

Last Friday we played Upper Moutere in basketball.
We scored lots of lay-ups and Hone scored a perfect three pointer!
It was our best game yet.
There was lots of communication, skills and dribbling.
We all really enjoyed the game!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bike Saftey

On Wednesday 28 June, Jerry Tonkins (our Community Constable) taught us how to be safe on the road whilst riding our bikes.

Before we started riding, we had to check the safety and road worthiness of our bikes against the criteria he gave us.

We learnt about using hand signals and lights and reflectors.

Then we went on the bike jumps.

Overall it was a good day.

The bike safety learning course.

Ollie getting some air!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Saxton Field Cross-Country Relays
On Friday the 23rd of June, the year 8 boys cross-country team (Ollie, Tom, Wolfgang and Teije) and the year 7 girls team (Tui, Tasmin, Jasmine and Ruby) clambered into cars and drove off to Saxton Field for the cross-country relays. Out of all the schools participating we probably had to drive the furtherest.

It took even longer than was planned, however, as we missed the entrance and ended up driving up a random alley. We got there in the end, though.

The year 7 girls were very nervous, as we were up first. The officials gave an introductory talk and then the girls warmed up.

All too soon, Jasmine and the first runners from each team had to line up. Some of the intermediate schools had about 10 teams in each race. The second, third and fourth runners in each relay waited on the side line.

The hooter went off and Jasmine sprinted the first stretch. She got us a good start. When the first runners were about halfway through the one kilometre course, the second runners (including Ruby) were told to line up. We cheered Jasmine on as she scrambled up the muddy bank and sprinted the last stretch to tag Ruby.

Ruby sprinted along the first 100 metres and the climbed up the hills. She went through the water and then came back into sight. She ran through the forest, scrambled up the bank and tagged me on the hand.

My mind went blank when Ruby tagged me, but as soon as I started running I was fine. I sprinted along the first stretch and then over-took some people on the hill. Then there was another flat part and then you literally slid down a mud bank and through a creek. My shoes got soaked. Then you had to scramble up the other side. Luckily there was flax to hold onto!

You then ran along a reasonably flat bit and then down through another creek. Next you had to climb over two fences and then I sprinted the last ten metres to tag Tui.

She completed the now muddier course and ran slightly further to the judges. We ended up finishing 9th overall.

Both teams watched the Year 7 boys and the Year 8 girls races and the the year 8 boys team lined up. They were the last race, so the course was extra slippery and muddy.

Ollie started off, next was Teije, Wolfgang and the last team runner was Tom.  As they ran through the water, some people were flicking mud and rocks at them.

After the race we were very happy that everyone had finished. We couldn't stay for the prizegiving, however as we had to get back to Ngatimoti School.

We all had a lot of fun and  it was a good day out of school.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Everyday in Room 5 one of our math groups gets to go on the laptops and use Mathletics.

Mathletics is a NZ website that allows students to access and learn loads of different spelling and maths topics which are set by our teacher to our individual level.
You can also test your basic facts skills against players from across the globe in a timed speed test of relatively easy questions: these are also levelled from 1 to 10, with 10 being the toughest.

Mathletics is a fun way to learn and we enjoy using it to learn in class.

By Ollie W

Golf With Blair

                                    Golf With Blair

In Term 2, week 1 we were taught some golf skills by the Motueka Golf Club Pro, Blair. He taught us the basics of golf.  
We played some games like hitting the the ball into the umbrella and hitting the ball at a target.

After a while we had a competition to find out who could hit the ball the furtherest. Wolf hit it the furtherest to win!
Overall it was a really cool, fun day and we leant lots about golf thanks to Blair.
By Sam M

Science Fair

Last term our school had a Science Fair which is held every two years.

You could work by yourself, with a buddy or in a team of three. 
I thought it was really cool how we got to choose whatever Science Fair topic we wanted. Some topics people chose were ph testing, finding levels of bacteria, cola and mentos eruption, edible slime creations and flight. 

Mr Hepburn got lots of recycled cardboard so everyone made and painted their own board with tempera powder. We did this because we are an Enviro School and it was cheaper than buying boards for $12. We had lots of time and information to help us in class.

Our community was invited to come and look at our projects one afternoon. The other classes also did different projects that were on display as well. 

Our boards were marked by Mr Hepburn and Debs. If our boards got a good mark they will be entered in the Cawthorn Science Fair.

I really enjoyed seeing how cool the boards looked.

Nina's blister

                                                Nina's Blister

  One of our students (named Nina) had a very big blister which looked like a rock!
She got this blister whilst she was running on our concrete court playing games. 
 If you look at the photos you can see how big the blister was.
In my opinion I think it was massive!

Mid Winter Swim

One cold and frosty lunchtime some students brave enough to battle the cold completed our annual mid winter swim. 
Just before lunch most of the Indigo and Room 5 students got into their togs and briskly walked down to the school pool. 
Led by Mr Hepburn, one by one we braced ourselves for the icy water ahead.
Amanda was ready on the sideline with her camera for some quick action shots.
As soon as we started to pile into the pool the screaming started! It was almost unbearable: the cold mixed with the noise!
We all got out as soon as we got in, except for some brave soles: Tasmin, Ashleigh and Sam.
Once we were out we all got warmed up.

By Samantha

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

On the last day of term, Room 5 made Ice Cream to celebrate getting 300 class points; which we got for being such an amazing class XD!

We first collected all of our ingredients: milk,sugar,salt and ice. We separated the ice and salt into a bowl, then we put the milk and sugar into a plastic bag. Next we placed the milk mixture in the ice to cool down.

We moved the plastic bag carefully with the sugar and milk in the ice until it changed texture.

Once thick enough we added lollies and flavours which we brought from home.

The ice cream tasted amazing and it was so easy to make.

By Jazz

Rugby With Sam!!

Rugby with Sam

On Friday's for for five weeks Sam Chamberlain from the Tasman Makos comes to our school to teach all the classes some cool rugby skills. We played a variety of games like Rippa and tackle. 

The skills we learnt were how to pass, tackle, be tackled and draw 'n' pass (draw the player in then pass to a free player). We have all improved so much with the help of Sam and his training.

On his last day we got lots of things signed like our drink bottles, arms, t-shirts and our class rugby balls.

At the end of training we had race with him to see how fast he was!!  Wow he was fast!

We all loved having you Sam, it was great fun! 

Thank you very much Sam for coming out and teaching us.
We hope you get into the Makos team this year!! 


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Home Learning 24th July, 2017

Welcome back Room 5!

I am looking forward to catching up with you all Monday morning to hear how your holidays went.
Make sure you share your class newsletter with your family so you all know what is happening this term; lots on!

Home Learning:
1.  Spelling words to be reviewed as you will be tested on Friday.
2.  Read your newsletter with your family and make notes where required in your diary.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Game Board

Game Board

A few weeks ago  Lili and Naomi made a game board for the class to use on wet days. It is very pretty and the girls have put lots of time and effort into it. Nina also helped to paint it. It had got a pig painted on it. It was mostly made at MoTEC , a program for year 7 & 8 students to learn cooking ,technology ,woodwork and sewing.It looks great and I am sure we will use it lots!

Monday, May 22, 2017

School Cross Country

On the 18th of May Ngatimoti School Cross Country was held. First the year 5, 6, 7, and 8s started their race with a few keen year 3s, and 4s. Soon after they left the starting line they were arriving at the finish line.  Then the year 1, 2, 3, and 4s were racing. It was a close race. It was good to see some of the senior students helping and cheering on the juniors. 
Tawn, Tui, and Tasmin on the last stretch 
Everyone lending a helping hand to Ruby.R
Nina.R jumping over the bench
The first races' starting line