Sunday, February 16, 2020

Infomingle Night

Last Thursday we held our annual 'Infomingle Night'. 
It was a hot night and the pool was open the entire time. Most of us stayed in the pool while our parents were talking with the teachers and looking around at what we have all done so far.
If we weren't in the pool we were playing long ball on the field or trying to eavesdrop on parents conversations!
We had a sausage sizzle and some bacon around by the pear tree.
Room 1 went first for looking around and talking, followed by Room 2, Room 3, Indigo Room and Room 5.
It was a fun and 'informative' night.

By Libby and Tawn

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Clay Term 2

We are working with clay this term and our goal is to create a 'funky' mask to display in our class.

We made our clay masks by first exploring and using a variety of pottery skills including: pinching, rolling, cutting, joining/attaching and creating patterns.

Then we used our knowledge and skills learnt to produce our own unique masks.

We used paint to blend and contrast colours for effect on our completed masks.

Our masks look 'very cool' on display on our wall in class, so come on in and have a look for yourself!

By Ada

















Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sausage Sizzle

Each Friday lunchtime our class has been selling sausages and bread to the rest of the school.
We are fundraising to go sea kayaking with NMIT from Marahau to Split Apple Rock on the 19th of June. 
We are selling the sausages with bread, onions, mustard and tomato sauce for $3.  We get our delicious sausages from the Beefair Butchery in Motueka.
It is fun doing this because it is a bit like running a business.  We have to make sure we make a profit (chasing bad debtors etc...) but keep our sales going by selling a popular product. 
By Riley 

Life Education Bus

On Wednesday 22 May, Room 5 had their first lesson in the Life Education Bus. We are learning about empathy this year and what we can and can't control. 

All of the classes in Ngatimoti School will be going into the the bus three times, all learning about different subjects. 

Harold the giraffe is the life education bus mascot and the younger classes love him!

Thanks to our awesome festival for making this possible.
Click the link to go to the life education trust site.

By Ara

Cross Country

                               Cross Country Training

Room 5 has been training for our upcoming cross country, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have been running through the field and around the field beside school. We do two loops of this course. 

We do this training so we can get fit to run the cross country, get better at sports and play lunchtime running games. 

We are all excited about our cross country on the 7th of June!

By Willow



Drama is a fun way to express yourself in many ways, and Ngatimoti School is just lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a try. 

In the past couple of days we have done something which we call drama with Damara. 

It is a fun and exciting activity. 

Here's one of the many of the fun things we have done so far. Making human animals, here's how we did it. First we were split into groups of three, then we gathered together and formed a shape. Think that was easy?  There was a twist - we had to have one person completely off the ground and they couldn't touch the ground until the end.  We had an awesome time doing this.

We're all having tons of fun and look forward to trying again next week!

By Lexus

Anime Art

Room 5’s Anime Art
Anime art is a form of art that originated in Japan in 1917, also known as manga.
Anime is a uniquely stylized form of two- and three-dimensional illustration and animation that is now recognized globally.
When we decided to do anime, we did a draft copy in our Class Art books, using Google images, video clips and tutorials to help us perfect our characters. We also used a very helpful book, “How To Make Manga Characters” by Katy Coope.
We then did our good copy on a piece of white A3, coloured it in, and, as the finishing touch, most of us added our names in Japanese kanji.
And here they are!
By Tenzin

To convert your name to Japanese click the link below 

Lunchtime Game

                                          Dodge Game At Lunch

Get set go! 
Everyone from both sides started to throw the dodge balls and both teams tried to get each other out. Everyone was getting people out and it was hard to hard to decide who was going to win? 
I heard the sound of happy people and people having fun. Everyone getting out and in. People are joining in and enjoying the game. Dodge balls are thrown everywhere and getting people out a lot of the time.

By Rupert

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Te Awhina Marae

Te Awhina Marae
We all really enjoyed our trip to Te Awhina Marae. We learnt lots about some interesting Maori traditions and customs.  
The detailed carvings on the Marae were amazing and I think Matua John (the carver) did a fantastic job. 
In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, on Wednesday the 3rd of April the whole school went to Te Awhina Marae, Motueka.
We were welcomed on the Marae with a powhiri which was very cool. 
Some of the teachers took activities like poi, rakau and flax (harakeke) weaving. Whaia Tania taught us some of the Maori traditions so we would know enough to answer the karanga (welcoming call) without making a fool of ourselves.
The Marae kindly supplied food for us, ginger nuts and the healthy option; apples. 
Parklands School entertained us by performing some waiata and a haka. Thank you Parklands!

By Ada. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

ICT - Scratch, Internet - Wires, Cables and Wifi and Network Sorting

In Room 5 we have been learning about the internet, cables, wifi, network sorting and other computer things like that.

First we started playing around with an app called Scratch. Scratch is an online game where you can play around with animations, games, music and more. 

Then we started learning about wires, cables and wifi. We watched a video, where a lady from  Google explained how the internet worked and how we could send things from one place to another. We all thought that it was really cool. 

Relating to the wires, cables and wifi activity that we did, we split up into teams of four and went outside onto the court and drew a network sorting programme. If you drew it right it would work out and it was quite cool in the end.

By Cayla


Ngatimoti School Excels at Kai Fest

The Kai Fest was on Sunday 7th April and Ngatimoti School was out in full force.
We had a lemonade stall and a honey raffle which were hugely successful and earned us lots of money. 
Our school band, Not Yet Discovered, (Hannah, Lexus, Pipiri, Nikau, Louie, Sophie andAda) played a set of three songs and did pretty well in front of the crowd.
At least 25 people turned up for the parade, wearing blue for the river and looking awesome!
And to top it all off, Riley, one of our senior students, was on the front page of the Nelson Mail, wearing stilts and in an amazing costume for the Firebird Circus.
We are very grateful to everyone who helped out or bought a bottle of lemonade. This money will be put to good use making our school even better.
We all had a great time at the Kai Fest and will definitely be there next time.
By Sophie. 

Print Making

Last week Room 5 made some amazing print art.

We got a piece of reused polystyrene, engraved an image onto it, smothered it with a special type of paint, pressed it against some paper and wolla! A piece of amazing art!

We spent a week perfecting our print making technique until finally we got exactly what we wanted.

We made a variety of prints from the Adidas logo to a green sea turtle.

Here are some images of what we managed to make.

By Pipiri

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Piers' Last Day

Today Friday 5 April is Piers' last day. We decided to have lots of fun to celebrate!

We made pikelets!

We dragged a table outside and used an electric frypan to cook tons of delicious treats.

Our amazing pikelet making team consisting of Riley, Isla, Max, Tawn and Piers kept making pikelets for ages, getting everything and everyone covered in batter in the process. 

As the rest of the class sat inside doing maths, a mouth-watering smell of cooking batter wafted through the door.

We plan to eat the pikelets at morning tea time - yum!

Thank you Piers for coming into our class each Friday morning and helping us out.  We really enjoyed it!

By Sophie.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Summer Tournament

"Go long!"
Last Thursday the Year 7 and 8 students from some of the schools in the Nelson/Tasman region got to go to Summer tournament.

Summer Tournament consists of three sports: touch rugby, volleyball and ultimate frisbee.  A total of 62 teams entered the competition with around a total of 500 students!

We all had a fantastic day out at the Recreation Centre.

Thanks to all of the parents who came along and offered their support. This wouldn't have been possible without your help.

By Pipiri

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Waka Ama Fun at Kaiteriteri

On Thursday 7 March Room 3 and selected students from Indigo Room & Room 5 headed to Kaiteriteri on the bus along with teachers Mr Hepburn and Mrs Roberts, plus around ten awesome parent helpers.

We met our lovely waka ama teachers, ate morning tea and were divided into two groups, group 1 and group 2. Group 1 was to go on the wakas first, while group 2 spent some free time on the beach and walked up to Kaka Point.

While group 2 headed off for a walk, group 1 was divided into yet another 2 groups and we all got to know each other. We were then organised into the positions we would be in on the waka and taught the different Maori commands such as ' hoia', which means start paddling, and also how to use the paddles.

Eventually everyone loaded onto the wakas. One group, headed by Mr Hepburn and Lucy, were in a beautiful blue and white boat called Piwaiwaka and the other group, led by Anna and Ian, got in their waka, Takirau, which was brown and white.

We paddled out into the bay, occasionally paddling on the other side so our arms didn't get too sore.

The wakas cut through the water so smoothly and it seemed really easy to keep them going, yet when we stopped paddling they stopped almost immediately.

We paddled around until we were facing the other way, stopping to say ki ora to a group of rock climbers with harnesses and helmets on as we paddled along Little Kaiteriteri and into the small, sheltered curve at the end of Kaiteriteri beach.

Here Lee-Ann and Kere taught us how to formally greet another passing waka. Kere blew on the conch shell and Lee-Ann said some words in Maori and we all raised our paddles to waist height and said "Hi!" then to our chests, ("Hi!") then above our heads, ("Hi!") then vertically straight up and down, ("Hi!") then diagonally out to the side, ("Haaaa!")  and then we did a pukana.

We practised this for a while and then the other waka came into view. We gave them our greeting and they gave us theirs, then we paddled on to give our greeting to group 2, who were waiting on the beach for their turn on the wakas.

After group 2 had left on the wakas, group 1 had a bit of free time playing on the beach. Some amazing creations sprung out of the sand!
After around 45 minutes of free time, group 1 walked up to the urupa at Kaka Point, the seniors looking after their younger buddies. At the top, we checked out the amazing view, rolled down the hill and took some awesome photos, then walked back down to greet group 2 on from the wakas. Then, finally we went for a swim!

The water was cold but refreshing and everyone groaned when it was time to get out.

A few students thanked our amazing waka ama instuctors and we all hopped back on the bus for the long drive home.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible - we all had a great time!
By Sophie.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Fun Day Down At The River

On the Friday last week Room 5 went for a river swim down at the Motueka River. 

We all had a great time and thanks to all the parents who came and helped out on the day.
A couple of weeks ago we had a river safe day and now we know what to do if we are in an unfamiliar situation.

We all can’t wait to hopefully have another fun day down at the river soon.

By Pipiri