Thursday, June 17, 2021

Traps with Barry

Traps with Barry

We made some traps with Barry, it was a lot of fun to construct the trap boxes. We learned about the purpose for each trap e.g. whether it trapped rats, or possums. It was really interesting to learn about how to make them.

We got pieces of wood and screwed them together to form the shape. Then we got small pieces of wire mesh and fitted them into the shape. We cut small holes in the mesh so that the predators could get in.

We fitted the traps into the boxes and secured them with screws. After that we got a piece of metal with words carved into it and a picture of a Whio, we placed it over the lid of the trap box. Finally we spray-painted over the metal and underneath the logo.

By G-belle and Olivia.   

Ngatimoti students make predator traps | Tasman Environmental Trust


On Thursday the 17th of June the NZ Playhouse came and preformed their Rumpelstiltskin play for our school.
They used Arabella as part of their play, singing a song about her and naming the baby after her. It was very interesting to see all of the different characters. Everyone had a great time watching their play.
They talked about stuff we could do after we leave school like film school and drama class's at university. We wouldn't be able to watch such a great play without the support of the staff, whanau and the awesome festival we have every year. The moral of their play and the message they sent to us is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. 
By Chris. 


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Room 5 went for a river swim in the afternoon, on Wednesday 10th March.
It was very cold and quite cloudy but we got in anyway.  Arabella surprised us by staying in for such a long time!
It was a lot of fun being able to swim during school time in our local river.
We wouldn't of been able to do this without our parents (Claire, Damara, Kirsten and Catherine).
Also thanks Kirsten for making us tasty milos to warm us up afterwards.
by Kalahni

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lou Netball

Thank you Lou for doing an amazing job with the netball season. You have been incredible with us and we have enjoyed every moment when we play netball, even with the tiring warm up's! We are so lucky to have you as our coach and we all appreciate you. We couldn't have done so well without you.

Thanks Room 5  

 Thank you Nikau and Sultan for painting and building the kneelers for Room 5. it is a big help to be able to work on the mat without having to use a book.

It must have been a big job having to use all of your little muscles.

thank you once again Rm 5.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Epro8 Inter School Challenge

Ngatimoti Room 5, students Louie, Nikau, Riley and Manaia were selected to compete in the Epro8 Inter- School Challenge, which is an engineering exercise that tests your electronic, engineering, and simply your R.I.V.E.R. values and skills.  

We came second out of twelve different teams by the skin of our teeth,  there was only a ten point difference (you get approximately 30 points per stage completed).  

The first and second teams go to the finals. On the 12th of October at St Joseph´s School our Epro8 team will be representing Ngatimoti school at this challenge.We are all looking forward to it. ¨WOOHOO¨ 


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 Our senior team has been practising for the Epro8 challenge. 

Try out the Epro8 electronics simulator here  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Here's some photos of Vincent playing in the mud at Thorn's Wetlands 

Monday, June 15, 2020

By Sophie & Isla.  

Ngatimoti Senior Netball Teams  

This year our school has got two year 7&8 netball teams. We were lucky to have enough players sign up, for an A and a B team. The A team will be called the Diamonds. And the B team will be called the Sapphires. Our coach, Lou, has not yet told us who is going to be in each team. We have already had 3 practices. 

Balls Archives - McCracken's

Our netball season for this year starts on 27 June. The Diamonds are signed up for the A grade, while the Sapphires will play in the B grade.

In year 7 & 8 netball there are seven positions; Goal Shoot, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence and Goal Keep. Normally in a netball team there are one or more substitute players in case someone is injured or absent, but this year we are short on players so there will be seven people in each team.

13-304-B - HART Mock Mesh Netball Bibs Snr - Blue Bib/White ...We will have netball games every Saturday at the Motueka Recreation Centre on Old Wharf Road. There is also an opportunity for players to learn how to umpire games at year 5 & 6 level. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Last week Room 5 and Room 3 did computer sorting. Room 3 
were our guinea pigs and the purpose was to try and understand 
how a computer sorts. Some worked better than others but all of them were successful
 and we all had fun. 

There were two sides: an "in" side and an "out" side. Each side
 had six squares and between them there was a certain amount of circles. 
Inside each square on the "in" side there was a number. Most were 
numbered from 1 to 6 but some had bigger numbers; 163, 
894, 678... and so on.  Every person takes a number. If all goes well, 
when they come out on the "out" side the numbers will be in order from smallest to biggest.


On Tuesday 9 June 2020, a builder named Jack came into the class
to talk to us about his career.

Mr Hepburn had been talking about him a lot and we were all
excited to have him come here. We pestered him with a lot of questions, but he
kept his patience and answered them fully. We learned a lot from him
and I think the people who want to be builders - hands up Lexus, Zane - now
 know a lot more about this job.

Thanks Jack!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bottle Rockets 

When we started thinking about building bottle rockets we had to do some research about it.
We started by reading one of our school journals we leant that you need a certain 🚀 amount of water to get the best hight, some bottles went a lot higher than others some times the bottle went over the fence.

Room 5 Diaries

In Room 5, we use our diaries to plan the coming week. Our diaries help us check what is happening and we can also use it to remember things we might need to do or bring in to class.
When we get into class on Monday, Mr Hepburn writes up a list of what is happening that week as well as reminders we need to put in our diaries.
Every Wednesday we take our diaries home and our parents read about our week so that they understand what is happening at school. They then sign the diary and we bring it back to school on Thursday. 
Our diaries are very helpful learning aids and we use them every week.
We are very thankful to the school, who pay for us to have them.

By Sophie.

OfficeMax A53 Student Diary Week To View 2020 | OfficeMax MySchool

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Home Learning: Week ending 27th March, 2020

Hi all,

We have set up this page as a trial, to see how we go with online home learning should we require it with all that has been happening lately!

So below I have listed some activities for you to complete.

Once you have completed all of the work set, you will then have to post a comment for me to read so I can 'tick off ' your name as completed.  You also may have some questions or queries that you may wish to ask also?

As a class we will trial this in class.

Denys and Norah you will be completing it from home; hopefully!

To be completed by week ending 27th March, 2020

1.  Typing Tutor: complete lesson 1 Remember you type what appears in the grey box above.  Try and copy (screen shot?) the page to prove you were on it with your completed time and results.

2.  Post a comment on our box weaving post.  It should show some thinking and be reflective eg. what was hard?, where is your box now? are you using it? what would you do differently next time? etc...   It will appear once I have read it and approved it.

3.  Complete one Maths Mate sheet (both sides).  Then mark it with the marking guide from the back (using red pen) anything you get wrong write a comment in red pen what you did to correct it and/or what you did wrong.  Prove you have corrected it and understand how to correctly complete it next time.  You don't have to do this for the problem solving questions however.

4.  Fitness:  run for 20 minutes, 20 press ups, 40 crunchies and 10 star jumps.

5.  Art draw your favourite animal - some cool drawing guides you can use online.

6.  Reading for 30 minutes each day.  Just record this each day.  Can be anything but it has to be reading!

7.  Each day you have to complete at least 3 tasks around the house that help out your family.  You don't have to post these, it is up to your family at home to monitor.  I know you all will want to be helping out anyway!

8.  Extra for Experts:

Enjoy the week and stay safe.

Malcolm Hepburn

Sunday, March 15, 2020


               Fish Hunting

This week some of the Year 8 Girls from Room 5 have been growing our Goldfish family!
On Monday we went to the next door neighbours and went Goldfish hunting to collect 2 more fish for room 5s Fish tank.
We initially had 2 fish in our tank then on Monday we got 2 others Nigel & Scott (no mates).
On Tuesday we went and got another Gold fish called Malteser as we realised the tank was a good size for 5 fish.

In the preparation for going over to the neighbours fish city we had to bring over Nets (to catch them with), Food (to draw them to us). 

By Tasmyn Burridge :) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Recycled Box Weaving

            Recycled Box Weaving: Room 5

This week in Room 5 we have been focusing on our 'Enviro Schools Thinking' by trying to reduce, recycle and reuse everyday items in our art.

Mr Hepburn asked all of us if we had any cardboard lying around our houses that we could use for our recycled boxes.

We decided to recycle and reuse cardboard boxes: first we painted them so they would look cool! As we were weaving there was lots of hard work to be done, including stopping the excess cardboard from getting in the way.  It was quite tricky to shape them at first.

We all had different measurements such as 4x4 and 5x5 etc... 

We can use our recycled boxes as pen and pencil holders (as seen below) or anything else we like.

Some of us are using them in class and some of us are using them at home.

By Tasmyn and Ara

Sultan painting 'fluro green'!

Jack here is showing off his amazing box weaving! Jack made his box a 5x5. Jack had started off with just a piece of cardboard and now look what its turned into!

Denys painting up his cardboard before he starts weaving.

Tasmyn painting using a 'flicking technique' for effect.

Drying our pieces of art!

The real deal!

Looking cool Cayla!

Ruby is very proud of her cool pencil holder!

Is she happy with her recycled box?  We think she should be!

Directions Test

A couple of weeks ago, Room 5 did a following directions test. It went like this:

(This is a timed test - you have three minutes only).

1. Read everything carefully before doing anything.
2. Put your name in the upper right hand corner of this page.
3. Circle the word “NAME” in sentence two.
4. Draw five small squares in the upper left hand corner of
this paper.
5. Put an “X” in each square.
6. Put a circle around each square.
7. Sign your name under the title of this paper.
8. After the title write, “Yes, Yes, Yes”.
9. Put a circle completely around sentence number 7.
1O. Put an “S” in the lower left hand corner of this paper.
11. Draw a triangle around the “S” you just put down.
12. On the back of this paper multiply 7O3 by 66.
13. Draw a rectangle around the word “corner” in sentence 4.
14. Loudly call out your first name when you get to this point.
15. On the reverse side of this paper, add 895O, 98O5.
16. Put a circle around your answer, and put a square around
the circle
17. In your normal speaking voice, count from 1O to 1.
18. Underline all even numbers in the left side of this paper.
19. Loudly call out, “I am nearly finished, I have
followed directions”.
2O. Now that you have finished reading everything carefully,
do only as suggested in sentence two.

As you can see, this test is a trick.
Three people in the class passed: Ada, Cayla and Nikau.
The rest of the class all failed!!!
They were yelling out their names etc... very embarassing!
By Ada

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Infomingle Night

Last Thursday we held our annual 'Infomingle Night'. 
It was a hot night and the pool was open the entire time. Most of us stayed in the pool while our parents were talking with the teachers and looking around at what we have all done so far.
If we weren't in the pool we were playing long ball on the field or trying to eavesdrop on parents conversations!
We had a sausage sizzle and some bacon around by the pear tree.
Room 1 went first for looking around and talking, followed by Room 2, Room 3, Indigo Room and Room 5.
It was a fun and 'informative' night.

By Libby and Tawn

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Clay Term 2

We are working with clay this term and our goal is to create a 'funky' mask to display in our class.

We made our clay masks by first exploring and using a variety of pottery skills including: pinching, rolling, cutting, joining/attaching and creating patterns.

Then we used our knowledge and skills learnt to produce our own unique masks.

We used paint to blend and contrast colours for effect on our completed masks.

Our masks look 'very cool' on display on our wall in class, so come on in and have a look for yourself!

By Ada